Assessing Factors Affecting Pharmaceutical Management Practices in Zanzibar Public Health Institutions: A case study of Mnazi Mmoja Hospital (MMH)

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Ame O. Ame
Hawa I. Munisi


The study aimed to assess variables that affect pharmaceutical management practices in Zanzibar public health institutions, using Mnazi Mmoja Hospital (MMH) as a case study. Specifically, the research assessed how inventory management techniques, staff inventory control abilities, budgetary restrictions, and the regulatory environment that supports pharmaceutical management techniques all affected management practices. 150 respondents were selected using a purposive sampling technique, the study adopted a descriptive research design to establish the relationship between the studied variables. The quantitative data were descriptively analyzed and the results indicated that pharmaceutical inventory management practice scores were both positively related to regulatory framework budget constraints and inventory control systems. Pharmaceutical inventory management practice was influenced strongly by 0.965 in the presence of regulations and very lowly influenced by 0.047 and 0.028 for budget constraints and Inventory control systems. There was a negative low influence on pharmaceutical inventory management practice by 0.030 in inventory control skills. The study found that manual inventory control systems were used. There was dissatisfaction among users on the procured pharmaceutical products. The study concludes that a pharmaceutical inventory management system needs to be streamlined by introducing modern inventory control systems like barcode scanners and Radio Frequency Identification.

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Ame, A. . O. ., & Munisi, H. I. . . (2023). Assessing Factors Affecting Pharmaceutical Management Practices in Zanzibar Public Health Institutions: A case study of Mnazi Mmoja Hospital (MMH). The Accountancy and Business Review, 15(3), 16–31.


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